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Battery - Lithium Ion pack for VS30 9 cells

Lithium Ion battery pack, 9 cells


Lithium Ion battery pack, 9 cells, 7800mAh is for use with patient monitors and cardiographs.

Battery can provide information on battery heat, charging cycles and battery lifetime that can be read by host devices with software supporting this feature.

This battery uses System Management Busy (SMBus) v1.1- a two-wire bus for the purpose of lightweight communication, to interconnect with host device to provide battery management information.


Use with Philips Healthcare Equipment

  • General Care product: 863359 EarlyVue VS30 Vital Signs Monitor (Made in China), 863380 EarlyVue VS30 Vital Signs Monitor (Made in Germany). DECG products: 860306 PageWriter TC30 Cardiograph, 860310 and 860429 PageWriter TC50 Cardiograph, 860332 PageWriter TC20 Cardiograph, 860315 and 860352 PageWriter TC70 Cardiograph.
Minimum Shelf Life
  • 18 months

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