About Us

PT. BERCA INDONESIA was founded at 1971 and its operation are in trading and contracting industries.

BERCA is stand for Best Engineering, Contractor and Agencies.
Over the past few decades, BERCA has developed close ties to their partners as evidenced by a strong commitment to promote their products and provide dependable and high quality service to its customers. Our support team consists of talented professionals with strong technical and commercial backgrounds who are fully dedicated to fulfilling the needs of our clients.

PT. BERCA INDONESIA have two business groups which were Laboratory Instrument Solution, and the Healthcare Solution. Laboratory Instrument provides solutions for analytical and chemical laboratories in collaboration with major manufacturers of scientific equipment, including Gerstel, Restek, Frontier Lab, PEAK, Ritter, Gilson, Thermo Fisher, Xylem and many more, while Healthcare provides equipment provided by well known manufacturers such as Philips, Steris, Mindray.

PT. BERCA INDONESIA vision is being a supplier of laboratory instrument and healthcare equipment that have a healthy competitiveness, trustworthy and reliable by the customer.

PT. BERCA INDONESIA mission is to become the preferred solution supplier in Indonesia with reputation of excellence through:

  • Knowledge of customer needs and anticipation of changes in customer needs.
  • Knowledge of state of the art in technology changes.
  • Excellence in service and application knowledge.
  • High level of quality, technology and reliable products.