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AirPort Pendant

The ever-increasing amount of sophisticated equipment required by today’s exacting medical standards is making space a real issue in operating suites. STERIS has a solution to this problem: AIRPORT, a new equipment management system (EMS) that combines ergonomics with scalability.

AIRPORT has been developed in collaboration with medical teams to accommodate all types of surgical procedure, from general surgery to surgical specialities and minimally invasive surgery

With a maximum load of 384 kg, the light carrier arm has been designed to comfortably accommodate all the functionalities required for surgery.
It is easily operated by means of the ergonomic handles. A specific stand is set aside for electrosurgical units.
It comprises a support shelf for the electrosurgical unit and a drawer unit for storing accessories (pedals, electrosurgical unit holder, etc).
The computer interfaces naturally find their own places thanks to the monitor mountings and keyboard stand, fitted with a clever, reversible right-handed/left-handed mouse platform.
Lastly, side rails accommodate all the additional accessories: suction bottles, vacuum regulator, etc.

Minimally invasive surgery
AIRport provides an effective and compact solution for the specific needs of minimally invasive surgery. The endoscopy equipments (monitor, light source, camera, printer, etc) are easily managed to the light carrier arm.
Low voltage outlets, for the endoscopy signals, are attached together with the electrical outlets on the distribution module.

The AIRport pendants are Class IIb medical device. To use this equipment safely, carefully read the instructions in the user manual and on the labelling.



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