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xLED3 Colour Surgical Light w Camera and Monitor

The XLED® range is the most comprehensive surgical light offering on the market, from the single fixed spot to task-adjustable multi-spot systems covering the requirements of all surgical specialties.
Whatever the configuration, XLED® offers the ideal intensity and amount of light for each application.

The same quality required for all applications
Developed for the most demanding of surgeons, XLED® offers its technology to all applications. Its clever modular design provides a solution that is relevant to each need from the simple spot for the examination room to the 4-spot lighthead delivering 160,000 Lux.
Easily installed in all premises whether new or existing, XLED® offers an innovative solution to the varied requirements of the hospital world.

White LEDs: the choice for the future
STERIS has selected the best LEDs in order to guarantee excellent lighting quality. With a rated life of more than 40,000 hours, their qualities remain stable over time and require no recalibration.
Additionally, they offer perfect colour rendering: the pattern is perfectly homogeneous, with no rainbow effects. Far from being a mere detail, this chromatic fidelity is essential to a number of surgical procedures, facilitating the identification of different tissues and vessels.

XTND® suspensions, designed and developed by STERIS, offer a wide range of flexible solutions. They adapt to customers’ needs, for ever greater convenience and modularity.
XTND®: an architectural solution for your operating rooms. Just one anchoring point is enough to mount a vast range of equipment (surgical lights, monitors, inlight or auxiliary arm cameras, etc.) in a compact space. The compactness of the suspension enables installation of the system even in low-ceiling rooms. The XTND® range also includes optional longer extension arms, for complete compatibility with hybrid operating rooms or rooms with laminar flow.
The new XTND® suspension systems combined with the XLED® HD in-light camera and the surgical-grade monitors provide impressive image quality, with excellent vivid colour rendering.

The XLED® HD in-light camera allows the medical team to watch the surgical procedure
on surgical grade monitors, specifically designed for the surgical environment. The videos can also be broadcast by videoconferencing for teaching purposes, for example.
The camera is controllable from the light head, the wall touch panel or Harmony iQ® integration systems.

Easy access to camera features from the control panel or directly from the light head yoke:
• Zoom
• Camera rotation
• Brightness control
• White balance
• Focus

Assistance designing your O.R. and ICU
The expertise of STERIS engineers
STERIS has decades of experience in operating room equipment, and has developed solid expertise in the field of operating room design and configuration.

Our new S3D configurating tool, combined with our team of planners will help you design and optimise the organisation of the equipment in your operating rooms. Thanks to STERIS 3D sofware, visualizing  the configuration of your future operating room is fast and user-friendly.

XLED® is the proud winner of the RedDot & Observeur du Design design awards.

The XLED® surgical lighting is a Class I medical device. To use this equipment safely, carefully read the instructions in the user manual and on the labelling.

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